Ten tips for choosing a wedding dress

Ten tips for choosing a wedding dress

The basic rules for choosing a wedding dress will help the bride to dispose of the available funds correctly. Would you like to buy a suit in which you will truly shine on your wedding day? Follow our tips and keep in mind all of the following points.

Wedding Venue

Most fabrics for sewing wedding dresses are suitable for all four seasons, but there are exceptions. So, in the summer heat, the bride is unlikely to feel comfortable in a suit of linen or panne velvet, and even with fur trim.


You have to determine the amount you want to spend on a wedding dress. Before trying on, do not hesitate to ask the sellers what the price of this or that dress is. Do not forget that you need to leave about 10-15% of the total amount for the purchase of accessories – gloves, jewellery, etc.

Shopping time

Do not buy a wedding dress at the last moment. Brides are preparing for its purchase in advance, taking enough time for shopping and bridal salons. Otherwise, the other bride may “take” him from under your nose. The same applies to cases when the dress sew in the studio.

Fashion trends

Do not be too lazy to spend some time studying fashion magazines and websites to find out more about which models and styles of dresses modern brides prefer. Arm yourself with knowledge, and choosing a wedding dress will be much easier for you.


The bride should be proactive, phoning wedding shops and salons, as well as fashion designers, make appointments, find out the price range. The wider the range of choice, the more likely it is that the best wedding dress will be chosen.


Even the simplest wedding attire can become irresistible if the veil, gloves, necklace, bouquet are chosen correctly. In order not to be mistaken in your choice, relying solely on the advice of sellers, take a couple of friends with good taste with you to the shops.


You are mistaken if you think that the perfect wedding outfit must certainly be very expensive. Register on the sites of shops and designers, subscribe to news about discounts and sales and save!

A sense of proportion 

Every woman knows the pros and cons of her figure. For example, a long neck, beautiful breasts, a thin waist, or, conversely, full calves and a protruding tummy. Based on all these parameters, you need to choose an outfit that emphasizes the merits of the silhouette and hides the flaws.


Prudent brides buy the outfit a few months before the wedding. However, even three weeks is the period for which a girl can gain a couple of extra pounds or, conversely, lose weight on a background of stress.

Rental Features

Before you leave a security deposit when renting a wedding dress, you need to carefully examine it together with the salon manager for defects and be sure to fix all the identified deficiencies in the contract.


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