Preventing Roots from Growing Outside Ground

Roots grow far and wide to provide our trees a stable foundation. But if they grow a little more than we’d like, it might be damaging.

One of our readers, Bolton, recently asked, “The roots of my tree are grown into my lawn and they are damaging the beauty of my lawn, what should I do?”

Dealing with roots can be a tough ask— this is why TreeServiceRoanoke is there to help you out, because, without proper skill, one can damage the tree by stopping the supply of water from roots to the tree. Read further to know about how to cut the roots and how these roots cannot be damaging.

If I Prune a Tree Root, it will Die?

It is all dependent on the size and location of the tree root.

For instance, do not cut roots which are more than 2 inches wide. If one removes the large tree roots, it will hinder the inevitable supply of nutrients to the tree. Moreover, it will make the tree unstable and it may fall with the passage of time and damage your property. This is why you must consult with Tree Service Roanoke in such cases because such situations are tricky and senior arborists can provide you with prudent counselling.

What is the Right Time of the Year to Cut the Roots?

Again, time is very important in grinding the roots. But, cutting the roots in early spring and winter are considered as the beast time to prune the roots.

How Many Roots can be Cut?

It is not convenient for the tree to remove more than 25 percent of legible tree roots at once. Later on, one should allow the tree to recover completely and then move on to cut more. Right time can only be told by the expert arborists of Tree Service Roanoke, but usually, it takes two to three year to recover.

How Tree Roots can be Cut DIY?

Again, there is no guarantee that DIY cutting may not harm your tree. It is your best interest to contact the adept tree service provider like Tree Service Roanoke to give you the proper idea.

Best Possible Way of Cutting Roots without Professional Help

  1. Firstly, find the root which is posing a threat to your lawn and trace it to its beginning. If it is a part of the colossal root, contact your arborist, otherwise read step 2.
  2. Measure the diameter of your tree, if it has a diameter of 3 feet, you can only cut the roots which are 8-14 feet away from the tree.
  3.  Completely expose the root all the way after marking the area around the root.
  4. Cut the grounded root carefully by using a root saw, and refill the hole in a proper manner.
  5. Keep your tree under observation, if it starts weakening; call Tree Service Roanoke to redress this issue.

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