If Your Boss Does These 4 Things, Then It is Time to Quit

If Your Boss Does These 4 Things, Then It is Time to Quit

It is essential to understand when it is time to leave.

Quite often, people do not quite work but leave weak leaders.

As there are signs that indicate a health problem, there are also signs that you have issues with your superiors. And if you do not pay attention to them, then the consequences will be no less unpleasant. But how do you know that the time has come to say goodbye? If you notice one of the following warning signs, then it is time to look for a new job.

  1. The Boss Makes You Feel “Wilted.”

The leader should inspire, stimulate personal growth, test you, teach, and guide. The best among bosses help employees correct their weaknesses and improve their strengths.

Developing the Strength:

  • At Tilburg University, it was proved that if the boss helps a subordinate in developing his powers, this leads to active personal growth.
  • The emergence of a sense is his effectiveness. Otherwise, you do not improve but fade.
  • You are wasting your energy and degrading because all your talents do not find the application and do not develop.
  1. The Leader Undermines Your Values.

And now we are not talking about bosses who, for the sake of achieving a vital result, make you continuously break the rules. It’s about fat, deaf, and morally decomposed personalities that invariably evoke the feeling that your value system is at risk.

Personify Your Essense:

    • Your values ​​are all those simple things that you do daily that personify your essence.
    • These are all small impressions made by you throughout the day that together form a general idea of ​​you as a person.
    • Testing for Innermost Values:
    • When your values ​​and beliefs are tested for strength, it affects the heart, mind, and soul.
    • As a result, lasting happiness is impossible, and a gnawing sense of mismatch with expectations is inevitable.
  1. The leader acts as a supervisor.

  • There is nothing worse than a petty boss who does not allow his subordinates to breathe freely.
  • Gretchen Sprayzer from the University of Michigan spent 20 years studying the empowerment of workplaces.
  • She found that freer employees are characterized by increased productivity, job satisfaction, company loyalty, proper motivation, and less inclined to look for another job.
  1. The leader makes you doubt yourself more than the situation itself.

It is the boss who continually undermines your self-confidence because everything you do is not enough. He never notes your achievements, is overly critical (or, even worse, attributes your results to himself) and openly chooses his favorites (but you are not one of them).

Constant Attacks:

  • Constant attacks distract you from the real problem – from the boss himself and the situation in which you find yourself.
  • Because of this, you begin to doubt yourself. And this is a crime against the individual.

Self Esteem:

Strengthening another person’s self-confidence leads to his success, which contributes to a further increase in self-esteem. If the leader does not give positive feedback, then you are doomed to a vicious cycle of failure.

Made to Work:

The bottom line is to question how the company is “made to work”, the status quo, existing agreements, competition, but not themselves. Otherwise, it is not clear why you are still working for this person.


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