Benefits Computers and Gadgets for Children

 Benefits Computers and Gadgets for Children

In the age of information technology, it is challenging to protect children from using various equipment, electronics and gadgets: computers, phones, tablets, etc. Yes, and is it necessary? Perhaps the use of these devices for children contains a lot of benefits. Today we’ll talk about the positive aspects of using computers and gadgets, and what needs to be done so that they do not harm the child.

Children and computers

Computers and various devices (phones, tablets, etc.) have long become essential things in our lives. They can be seen in the hands of even small children.

Gadgets and PCs can be used not only for communication and entertainment but also for training. Today, there are many training programs; electronic diaries have been introduced in schools; distance learning systems are used, etc. You can get the maximum benefit from the child’s use of the computer and other electronics. At the same time, it reduces the negative impact and is worth familiarizing yourself with tips for the correct use of technology.

  1. Benefits of Using Gadgets and PC

PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones are useful because they provide access to information on the Internet and allow you to use various programs. The following positive aspects of using these devices can be distinguished:

The development of excellent motor skills:

 Work on devices with a joystick, buttons and touchscreen (touch screen) allow you to develop fingers and train excellent motor skills. And tracking the movement of a computer mouse on the screen will enable you to train the baby’s attention.

Education for primary school students:

 Education for students occurs with the help of special education programs and games using visual images and active forms of work of the child himself. Analyzing the source data, doing search and research activity is suitable for children. For example, it can be games with building letters from lines, correlating concepts with images, etc.

Access directly from home to a lot of useful information:

 On the Internet, schoolchildren can read the latest news, find texts of books, find interesting information about the great discovery, traveller, historical event, etc. The advantage of the Internet over the library is the instant receipt of new information.

Formation of the skill of searching and filtering data in students:

 This skill is most actively formed in adolescence. The abundance of various information sites puts the student in need to analyze all the information received and select reliable information from them. In addition to the skills of searching and filtering information, it also develops the ability to think critically.

Communication with classmates and teachers:

 Excellent particular blogs and groups in social networks created for students of a particular class. Here, the teacher and students can exchange information and news. They can debate on controversial issues, discuss read works, and work together on projects, etc.

The use of gadgets has many advantages, but some rules must be followed so as not to harm health.

Rules for using computers and gadgets by children

To avoid unnecessary problems from the too frequent or incorrect use of PCs and gadgets, you must remember that:

  • Introducing a child to these devices is not earlier than three years.
  • At an early age, work should proceed under the supervision of parents.
  • In 2-3 years, you can spend on the gadget or computer no more than 15-20 minutes a day; in 4-5 years – no more than 20-25 minutes; at 6-8 years – no more than an hour; at 9-16 years old – no more than 2-3 hours.
  • The distance from the eyes to the display of the device should be 50-70 cm.
  • Display brightness should be below.
  • When using the device, the child’s elbows should not hang – support is necessary.
  • It is recommended to install a footrest under the computer table to prevent the negative impact of prolonged sitting on them.
  • When working with the device, the student’s back should be straight.

Try to give your gadget as little as possible to a preschool child. It is necessary to explain that this device is designed to work, and instead of watching cartoons, it is better to run development programs and videos. For older children who use computers on their own, it is necessary to emphasize that the information on the Internet is not always reliable.

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